3D Rendering An Animated Movie Can Take Hundreds Of Computers, Working Simultaneously For Months Together

When you hear about 3D rendering and the 3D images that are created, the first thing that might come to mind is the “3D movies” which were once very popular. The 3D pictures had to be seen with the help of a special glass and created an illusion of depth in the movie scene. However 3D computer graphics are so called because of the way they are created. It uses 3D computer models and represents scenes that are being rendered. A 3D graphic, no doubt can be used in 3D movies but the final product that comes out after rendering is a two dimensional image. The picture is used on the internet, TV or even movies.

The process of rendering is done with software which photographs each pixel of the image. It takes a lot of time to completely render the image. A great deal of calculation is involved to calculate the colour of each pixel. The software traces the rays of light which is made to bounce around the whole 3D scene. It is surprising to know that if an entire animated movie needs to be rendered it will need hundreds of computers, all working continuously for months or even years. For someone with a creative mind the process can let him put all his imaginations to work.